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Elliptical training helps the injured runner!

Injuries from running benefit massively from training on an elliptical machine. As every runner, and in fact anyone taking part in regular exercise knows, INJURY SUCKS!! I for sure know this! I recently pulled a hamstring during a long run, meaning I’ve had to miss out on running both the Valencia Half and the Full Marathon […]

What is an Elliptical Machine and why you should own one?

elliptical trainer for home gym equipment Studies show that the human body is designed for an active lifestyle and that most people suffer from diverse kinds of diseases and ill health conditions because of a sedentary lifestyle. The worst of it all is that the modern lifestyle of the 21st century encourages sedentariness. Most office workers […]

Top Elliptical trainer brands for home gym equipment

Compact elliptical trainer for home gym equipment It is not right to walk into any fitness shop and buy the first fitness trainer offered to you by the seller. Underground research on the top fitness trainer to achieve your desired need is the highway to a quality purchase for your home gym equipment. With numerous elliptical trainer brands […]

Best Elliptical Workouts in the comfort of your own home

Find the best workout on your elliptical trainer on this post!  Beginner workout, booty workout, core workout, workout DVDs, and more… The primary goal of every exerciser is to achieve a maximum workout with an exercise or fitness machine. The workout you achieve depends on the machine you use as well as the strategy you […]

Best Elliptical Trainers Black Friday Deals 2015 Countdown

Posted in Articles By mogsyford Elliptical Trainers Black Friday Deals 2015 The countdown is now on for the Black Friday deals across the net. If you have not yet bought an elliptical trainer for home use and have been put off by the the price, or you just need to upgrade your unit, now is the best time to grab […]


by Miles Black Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer Although the Schwinn Elliptical Trainers  initially debuted in 2006, it is still a popular choice for a compact elliptical trainer for those looking for a gym quality machine at an affordable price. The Schwinn 431 digital computer allows you to accurately track time, distance, speed, calories, and strides per […]

5 Ways To Properly Care For Your Apartment Sized Elliptical Trainer

by Miles Black When acquiring a compact elliptical trainer such as the highly popular Best Fitness E1, the Schwinn A40 or the InMotion Compact Elliptical, you should also have in mind that you need to also acquire the knowledge of both how to use and maintain it if you have not already. Go for the most effective compact elliptical machine. If you […]

Best compact elliptical trainer side by side comparizons

Workout Options Best Fitness E1 Schwinn A40 Elliptical trainer Gazelle Edge Schwinn 430 Horizon Fitness EX-59 XTERRA FS2.5 Preset Workout Programs/Goals 12 6 N/A 22 10 13 Adjust Workouts Stride Length (inches) 21 17.5 Free 20 18 14 Resistance Levels 17 8 N/A 20 10 16 Adjust Incline 15-25 degrees No N/A 0-10 degrees No […]