(done) 5 Benefits of an Elliptical Trainer as a Home fitness machine

The 5 Benefits of an Elliptical Trainer

  1. Total Body Workout
  2. Low Impact Exercise
  3. Cardiovascular Exercise
  4. Increased Calorie Burning
  5. Space Saving

1. Total Body Workout

Elliptical trainers deliver an elliptical workout  also referred to as a total body workout by combining a weight bearing exercise while simultaneously optimizing the cardiovascular benefits of a workout. Best elliptical trainers come with varying resistance levels, which effectively means your bones will have to work  against such a resistance to support your body while you exercise. As you workout pushing down on the pedals, your lower body bones and muscles will propel the pedals forward. You also get to use your upper body, especially your hands and the simulated running motion means you will also get your cardio exercise as well.

2. Low Impact Exercise

The second benefit of an elliptical trainer is how they reduce the stress and strain on your legs. The elliptical trainer reviews i have done on this site mention things such as bio-mechanical designs which most trainers now come with. Bio-mechanics simply means that the manufacturers have built into their designs the science of walking/movement into the machines. The Horizon Fitness EX59 is highly rated for such designs. With elliptical trainers, your feet never leave the pedals and the movement itself mimics the natural path of the ankle, knee and hip joints during walking, jogging or running. However unlike when you are actually running where every step results in a jolt to your joints and your lower back, elliptical trainers eliminate such shocks. It is because of this low impact that elliptical trainers are even popular with people who suffer from joint problems or even the elderly. Added to this is the elliptical incline benefit, which comes as a result of the incline features which you can set on the elliptical trainer, so that it mimics going on a hill. I do however recommend that anyone planning to use an elliptical trainer seeks medical advice from their physician.

3. Cardiovascular Benefits

There are some claims by researchers at the University of Mississippi that you can elliptical trainers provide the same cardiovascular benefits as treadmill running. Despite these and other research out there, cardiovascular benefits remain one of the most contentious claims regarding the elliptical trainer. I have personally found that the reason why most people doubt the cardiovascular benefits of an elliptical trainer is simply because people sometimes use it the wrong way – either go very slowly or just use whack settings. Most elliptical trainers do come with settings for cardio training and you can maximize this training program by keeping a steady pace and not slowing down.

4. Burn more calories per workout

This benefit simply stems from the fact that a simple increase in the stride length increases results in more calories are burned. This all happens without you consciously feeling like you’re working any harder. There are some good elliptical machine models on the market, such as on Amazon which allow you to adjust the stride length. If you can’t afford one that has adjustable stride length, just get one with a long stride such as the Horizon Fitness EX59 or Schwinn 431 if you want to effectively maximize your calorie burn.

5. Space Saving

The last of the benefits of an elliptical trainer i will talk about is space saving. I have actually done an article where i looked at Best 3 elliptical trainers for small spaces you can buy and you can read it here. If you are serious about training from home, you will find that an elliptical trainer on average has space saving qualities compared to treadmills. They are easier to move around so you can plan and maximize your living space with ease. If you plan right and get one of the 3 elliptical trainers I covered in my space saving article, either for yourself or as a gift for your loved one, they will forever be grateful to you.

Conclusion – Maximizing the Benefits of an Elliptical Trainer

Most people buy elliptical trainers and simply cant get the maximum effect from them. They simply miss the point as they do not know how to work their exercise routine. The secret to maximize the above benefits of elliptical trainers is to simply put in place some good elliptical trainer workouts, which cover the total body thereby give you a full elliptical exercise, give you an good cardiovascular workout whilst you do some low impact training. Such a routine will help you get the maximum elliptical body benefits.   I will soon put up a post that cover this topics so do watch this space.

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