5 factors to consider when buying an Elliptical Trainer

1. Home Elliptical Trainer Comfort

The first factor to consider when you are buying an elliptical trainer is comfort. When one is training, they need to be in the most comfortable state as far as possible otherwise the training/exercise won’t be fun. Comfort features in most elliptical trainers include things like how the linkages, handlebars, base design, posture/body positioning while you train, fatigue management and pedals are placed. All elliptical trainer reviews on this site will clearly state the core comfort features for the brands we feature. The Horizon Fitness EX59 for example has one of the best design features when it comes to comfort, closely followed by the Schwinn 431. Both these elliptical trainers are affordable and you could find bargains well under $1000 on big sites like Amazon, which currently is one of the most user friendly places to buy elliptical machines as it offers some very interesting user elliptical trainer reviews.

2. Noise

The second factor to consider when buying and elliptical trainer is Noise There is nothing annoying like a constant squeaking sound coming from a machine. It personally drives me nuts. So buying an elliptical for home use or home gym equipment, try to establish what the noise assessment of the machine is.  You should note however that you will never totally get rid of noise on an elliptical trainer as mechanical parts rub against each other and cause some friction. In most elliptical trainers be they for home use or in your local gym, you will hear a certain amount of noise although its not the squeaking annoying noise. Of the elliptical trainer reviews i have done so far, the Horizon Fitness EX59 is the quietest of them all. Getting some recommended lubrication can help manage noise levels in an elliptical trainer. I have covered in my review post more depth about what can cause as somewhat quiet elliptical trainer noisy when you start using it at home, be sure to check out that post here.

3. Key Features

Now this aspect is what most people want to know before they buy an elliptical trainer. As the home elliptical trainers are becoming more and more like the ones you’d find in a local gym they are becoming feature packed. Some features are definitely deal breakers while others are what i think are “cool extras”. While reading Elliptical Machines reviews, key features to look out for are quality of LED display, program options (preset and manual), heart rate functions and resistance handling. Extras are things such as multimedia capabilities, cooling fans, water bottle holders or book racks. The Swchinn 431 does have some cool features worth checking out and you can read the full review i have done here.

4. Assembly Instructions

Can you imagine waiting a couple of days after buying an elliptical trainer and when it finally turns up you spending hours and hours trying to figure out what piece goes where or what nut does what. The ease with which you can assemble your elliptical trainer and the time in which you can do it is critical so this factor is very important when considering what the best elliptical trainer for you is. You should aim to get one with clearly laid out instructions and where you can assemble it by yourself in less than 2 hours. Anything more than this will most likely frustrate you. I for one like the way the assembly instructions on the Horizon Fitness EX59 are laid out for example.

5. Pros and Cons

Other than the above four factors, a minor point if you are out reading elliptical trainer reviews before you buy yours is to look out for the Pros/Cons for each of the models. This may not be easy with sites like Amazon or manufacturer sites, but sites like this one always lay out what these are. I personally make it a point that i present pros and cons as bullet points at the end of each review to help you easily digest and process them.

Buying an Elliptical Trainer – My Conclusion

In conclusion, if you are looking to make an investment in a good home elliptical trainer and you know where to buy elliptical trainers, make sure you find out information covering as a minimum, these 5 areas. Although elliptical equipment for homereviews from manufacturer sites may give you valuable information, they way its laid out means you can sometimes miss out on the key facts as you have to dig through pages and pages of text to get this information. Be sure to check out my tips on buying an elliptical section as i am make sure all my reviews cover these five basics. If you have not already read the Schwinn 431 elliptical trainer reviewHorizon Fitness EX59 review and the Schwinn A40 review, be sure to stop on the elliptical trainer review section after reading this post. If you find this post helpful in  how to buy elliptical machines, please leave me a comment below :)

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