5 reasons Why Mothers Deserve Elliptical Trainers This Mothers Day!

Mothers Day gift ideas

Most people would advise against buying your wife, mother or partner anything associated with the Kitchen or Exercise. In this post I will show you why you can defy the odds this mothers day and buy your mom, wife or partner an elliptical trainer as a mothers day present. If you have not saved enough to afford one, then you can still buy her a belated mothers day present well after May 11th. Currently Amazon has have great discounts on best space saving elliptical including the Best Fitness E1 , Schwinn A40, Nautilus E514c , Schwinn 430 and Stamina InMotion .

Really an Elliptical Trainer as a Mothers Day Present!

OK so this may sound weird as buying any exercise machine as a mother’s day present is regarded taboo. Well I personally think that its perfectly OK to defy the odds this mothers day and buy a space saving elliptical trainer for the following 5 reasons.

1. Moms are always short of time

A space saving elliptical such as any of my favourite three (Best Fitness E1Schwinn A40 and Stamina InMotion  – see this post 3 best Space Saving Elliptical Trainers) means mom can exercise in the comfort of her home. I have watched how my wife who always has so many things to get through in any given day gets maximum benefit from our compact elliptical trainer in the house. A good space saving elliptical trainer will allow your wife, spouse, partner or mother to utilise her arms and legs equally.

In just about 30minutes she would have raised here heart rate into an intensely amazing calorie-burning zone. The elliptical trainer will help her tone her upper body too. The dual function of using the legs and handles ensures that both her lower and upper body gets a total body workout. That’s the beauty of elliptical trainers, total body workout in just one go!

2. Minimises Injury

An elliptical machine is one of the safest machines one can use. Training on this type of machine is great as it does not exert too much stress on the joints in the lower part of the body. Mother have done great deal by carrying us in their tummies (and for fathers whose wives (mother to be) are expecting their bodies have been weakened, so maybe prone to injury hence the need for safe exercise routines.

Giving birth normally triggers some lower back pain, and pregnancy affects the ligaments and joints which attach the pelvic bones to the spine. Weakened bodies are prone to injury. Good thing with an elliptical trainer is that the user can adjust resistance easily if they feel their legs tiring a bit. The non slip footrest means legs are in one fixed position and therefore easy to manage. Exercising on these trainers feels more secure than say running on a treadmill.

3. Great for Muscle Toning

Women are very particular about having toned out bodies and an elliptical trainer is great for this. Incline workouts as well as some High intensity interval training will amazingly tone muscles from ankles right up to the shoulders in a few weeks time. This can all be achieved in s short space of time every-time they use the machine as pointed in fact #1 above. Remember buying your an elliptical trainer as a mother day present doesn’t mean your saying “please tone up” as other writers would have you thing! It just shows you care for your mother, wife, spouse or partner’s health, nothing wrong with that.

4. More than One muscle group per workout

An elliptical trainer uses several muscle groups for every session you undertake. This mothers day present will surely blow your mom, wife, spouse or partner’s mind away after they hop on it because they will feel every bit of their body being stretched. This is good for general fitness and not just weight loss as some may put it. Thus buying an good compact elliptical machine for home use as a present does not imply you want someone to loose weight!

5. Targeting lower Back Pain

Giving birth normally triggers some lower back pain in most women. This because pregnancy causes changes in a woman’s your posture, thereby exerting strain on their back. Elliptical trainers actually targets the lower back muscles amongst the many other muscle groups (see #3 above). Another great thing about some good home elliptical trainers is that they are engineered to maximise one’s positioning as well as ensuring good body mechanics. This makes them safe and great for eliminating lower back pain.

Go on and Grab an Elliptical Trainer this Mother’s Day.

So there you have it, five good reasons why you can safely buy a good space saving elliptical trainer as a mother’s day present this year. I am sure she will appreciate it more than you can imagine. I am talking from experience, so go on and dare to give here a very good surprise this mothers day. I have put together some great elliptical trainers with free postage, and huge discounts which you can look at. Happy Mothers Day!

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